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thor trailers imalatı satışı
thor trailers imalatı satışı
Thor Batı ve Orta Afrika Ofisi Açıldı

Bir kaç aydır çalışmalarını yürütmekte olduğumuz, Nijerya merkezli Batı ve Orta Afrika Ofisimizin Kuruluş İşlemlerini Tamamladık.

Afrika bölgesinde çalışan arkadaşlarımıza başarılar diliyoruz.

thor trailers imalatı satışı turkey
thor trailers satışı imalatı türkiye
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İdare Eder

THOR Trailer has been manufacturing semi trailers since years.

We always give importance to Research and Development to increase productivity and satisfactory of our semi trailers. s. Unlike any of its competitors in the industry innovation and R & D developments following our company have kept the work in the foreground. Important steps towards becoming a World brand at our company, quality ISO 9001 – registered and started to export.

Always quality, customer satisfaction, after sales service and spare parts guarantee and flexible manufacturing capacity and Turkey, an important place in the market, our company works in Russia, Middle East Countires, African countries and every day we add new countries to our export area.


To be a global brand that dominates all semi trailer market and it is spare parts with its qualified employment and social responsibility projects



To produce reliability and long life semi trailers for transportation, construction, mining, oil, trading companies brand on all over world which is kept in mind by its customers with its reliability and long life products.


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